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As a reputable manufacturer of high quality and highly automated flexo, offset and hybrid printing presses in the label and packaging industry, MPS looks beyond the machine through intensive cooperation with its customers.

By connecting with MPS as your performance partner, you ensure the best in reliability and productivity from your printing press. Connect with our machines to create insights in productivity.

Connect with our service for maximum uptime. Connect with our specialists to create access to knowledge and expertise. 

This is how we evolve: connect to grow, together. 

MPS. Connect to Grow.

Latest news

  • Sunrise adds a third MPS flexo press after proven success

    In August this year, Sunrise located in St. Petersburg, Russia installed their third MPS flexo printing press: a 9-colour EFA 430. To increase production capacity and reduce lead times, the new press will run in tandem with one of two previously installed MPS flexo presses of a similar configuration.

  • Omnicell increases pharmaceutical blister packaging production with MPS EXL-Packaging flexo press

    After rigorous OEM testing and evaluation, Omnicell made the decision to purchase an MPS EXL-Packaging 680 flexo press to achieve their goal of increased production. Omnicell’s MPS EXL-Packaging press is equipped to produce complex blister packaging in a single pass. It includes several OEM niche equipment including hot air dryers, automatic unwinders, inspection technology and a stacker.

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