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Facts of MPS Service

A printing press is a significant investment in your business, and you need the confidence of ongoing support. Rest assured, at MPS, our service engineers are experts who know exactly how to care for your press. And, you can also expect the same level of service from our agents' engineers and customer support team. Read more



Here is where we support you:

To keep your press running for a number of years, good care is essential to maximize its life cycle.

Our aftercare customer service team

Focuses on maintaining
your press in optimal condition through:

  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Problem-solving helpdesk
  • Spare parts, supply and advice
  • Training programs for the operators and more


New installations

A new press is as important to us as it is for you. That is why our installation team takes care of your new machine on site, from placement and installation of the machine to commissioning and training until acceptance. >blog
We test your press with actual job runs so you have total confidence that you get the perfect results you can expect from MPS.

Red Box & Parts

As a highly popular and valuable option with the sale of each MPS press, the Red Box provides critical spares that are tailored to your specific press requirements. >Video

It saves time and money to have these parts directly available to reduce downtime on your press. >Video 

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Remote support

Remotesupport Connect afbeelding

All MPS presses in the field can be connected to our expert care team in The Netherlands. Via our remote diagnostics and logs, we can see exactly how your press is performing and determine any issues.


Based upon our experience and our monitoring file of your system, we make sure you learn exactly how your press is functioning and in what condition it is. >video>


INSPECTIONS Our expertise enables us to analyze your press by means of an extensive inspection list. Our trained staff will create an overview of the condition of your press. This inspection list with report and recommended exchange parts are part of our Service Agreement Plan. By clear and agreed planned intervals we can keep your press in the best condition.

Remotesupport Benefits afbeelding

THE BENEFITS? You avoid unnecessary downtime. We advise and support your own maintenance engineers on corrective actions and when necessary an on-site visit from an MPS service expert is scheduled.

Global Service Network

Vijaj Pareek, MPS Agent India and Sri Lanka:
"It is my goal to provide the needed service within the hour." Read more

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If onsite help is needed you can rely on the care and support. Our global service network of factory trained, highly experienced engineers will make sure you are always up and running.

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MAINTENANCE Your press is producing high-quality print jobs up to 24 hours a day, so naturally some parts subject to high stress and wear need replacement from time to time to prevent downtime. When work is needed to repair faults or perform condition-based or preven-tive maintenance, you can count on the expert service of our technical support engineers; with their extensive knowledge of your machine, they can resolve 75% of all faults remotely. 

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For all machines for all ages

Expert service engineers

Expertserviceengineers Certificaat afbeelding

Julius Urbano, MPS Service Engineer:
"Prevention is better than cure.” With a service agreement, every year a certified MPS
service engineer will visit your site to carry out a complete inspection of your MPS press. >blog>

Expertserviceengineers Envelop afbeelding

In special circumstances we go the extra mile in service to personally manage a part delivery


All our service engineers are trained in our dedicated Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem, The Netherlands and are employed world-wide.

Expertserviceengineers Retrofitting afbeelding

RETROFITTING With new types of labels, advancements in substrates, inks, finishing techniques, and new customer requirements, upgrades may be needed to enhance your press with more recent technology. We perform all con-versions, part replacements and upgrades to keep your press up-to-date.


PRESS MOVES With our help and logistics we are able to move your press to a new location. All tools and knowledge we have in place. Our skilled team of experts can take care of this delicate work.




Our presses are OPERATOR FOCUSED, RESULTS DRIVEN meaning they are designed to make the operator’s life as easy as possible. But before the press is switched on, your operators need to be comfortable with the machine they are about to run. >Blog>

Training Operatorfocusedresultsdriven

Click here to learn more about our operator- and engineer training sessions. 

Martine van der Meijde, HR Advisor:
“MPS invests in their employees and is committed to their ongoing education through organized trainings, workshops and courses. This way we can guarantee a highly skilled service team.”

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