Webinars: How to set up a future proof printing process

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In a series of four webinars, Hans Poortinga (Manager of the Technology & Expertise Center at MPS in The Netherlands) talks about the trends in the label and packaging industry and explains how to set up a future proof printing process.

Watch the first three webinars below (or watch in HQ on our Youtube-channel): 

Webinar 1: Prepress and MIS
In the first webinar, Hans talks about the prepress, order-intake and the MIS, and how to optimize and automate these processes:

Webinar 2: Hybrid printing
A technology that is becoming more and more popular is hybrid printing: a process where two or more printing and converting technologies are combined in one machine. In this webinar, Hans explains why hybrid printing is growing so fast.

Note: Hans also wrote a (free!) whitepaper about hybrid printing. You can download it here to find out if hybrid is the answer for your company.

Webinar 3: Flexo printing
The third webinar is about the latest improvements in flexo printing and how automation of this process can contribute to your printing company in the future:

Webinar 4: Soon to come
The fourth webinar is expected Wednesday May 23. We'll keep you posted!