MPS to Showcase Three Compelling Features of New EB Flexo Press at Open House

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DIDAM, The Netherlands (May 14, 2014) – MPS today reveals three technology advantages of the new EB flexo press to be presented during the MPS open house May 14, 15 and 16th, proving a competitive solution for short and long label printing runs. To be demonstrated is Crisp.Dot Light which guarantees predictable high-quality label printing and no gear marking; iSet, a new MPS technology which features intelligent pressure settings; and iStop Technology providing zero waste at roll change. These three unique and effective features contribute to the main design goal of this press, which is to deliver optimal performance, MPS high print quality and operator friendliness, while reducing overall printing costs.

Crisp.Dot Light: astounding print quality

The Crisp.Dot Light technology contributes to the overall high print quality of the new EB flexo press. As stated by Eric Hoendervangers, co-founder of MPS: “Crisp.Dot Light is the ideal solution to achieve the best print quality and productivity. With Crisp.Dot Light there is no gear connection between impression and plate cylinders. In other solutions, the gear profile has an influence on the pressure settings which affects the consistency of print quality. Crisp.Dot Light guarantees predictable high-quality label printing, including the printing of vignettes and solids.”

01 MPS Crispdot Light Technology On The New EB Press Quality Beyond Believe

iSet Technology: intelligent pressure settings

The new patent-pending iSet technology developed by MPS provides a user-friendly way to regulate settings between impression, print and the anilox rollers, without influencing each other. With iSet technology, not only the left and right pressure settings of the plate cylinder/anilox roller can be set, but also the parallel pressure settings. iSet decreases setup waste and delivers reliable and repeatable quality. Along with the regulation of pressure settings, iSet is developed with a user-friendly knob, providing a straight-forward process for the operator to scale through ‘click steps’ to the desired setting. Furthermore, the knob includes a scale for an accurate reference of pressure settings, which even further improves productivity figures.  

02 MPS Iset Technology On The New EB Press Intelligent Pressure Settings

iStop Technology: zero waste at roll change

iStop technology optimizes stops and starts during UV flexo printing and eliminates waste with material roll changes. When the press is stopped, the print cylinder and anilox roller will remain in print position. Once the operator changes rolls and re-starts the press, the print units resumes printing immediately, without any web waste.

03 MPS Istop Technology On The New EB Press Zero Waste At Roll Change

The new EB flexo press: A competitive solution in label printing iSet, Crisp.Dot Light and iStop are three compelling technologies of the new EB flexo press that contribute to highly reliable and repeatable print quality, lowest cost per 1,000 labels, and user-friendly controls for the press operator. Available with a print width of 360mm (14,17” inches), and a material width of 370mm (14,5” inches), the EB press offers a lower initial investment and is ideal for short and long label print runs. The new EB flexo press is designed for printing and converting of self-adhesive labels and is a solution for label printers in all market segments.

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