Productivity is our proof

A press should not only deliver perfect print, but also a high return on investment. Because of our quality components and parts, well thought-out engineering, constant and consistent reliability, and deployment and functionality, our presses are well known in the narrow web printing industry.

Our presses provide:

  • Higher ROI
  • Extremely short set-up times
  • Minimal set-up waste
  • High level of innovation (like Crisp.Dot and Multi-drive technology)
  • Long life
  • Low cost for replacing spare and wear-and-tear parts
  • High-speed print jobs
  • Uniform web tension
  • Short change-over times to move from one job to another or to exchange material  
  • High-quality and consistent printing with low costs
  • Impeccable print repeatability 
  • Press control and management systems (such as web tension)
  • Focus on operator (user-friendliness and ergonomics)
  • Different levels of automation, to accommodate all budget and capability requirements
  • Ability to achieve consistent results independent of operator