Webinars: How to set up a future proof printing process

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In a series of four webinars, Hans Poortinga (Manager of the Technology & Expertise Center at MPS in The Netherlands) talks about the trends in the label and packaging industry and explains how to set up a future proof printing process.

Watch the webinars below (or watch in HQ on our Youtube-channel): 

Webinar 1: Prepress and MIS
In the first webinar, Hans talks about the prepress, order-intake and the MIS, and how to optimize and automate these processes:

Webinar 2: Hybrid printing
A technology that is becoming more and more popular is hybrid printing: a process where two or more printing and converting technologies are combined in one machine. In this webinar, Hans explains why hybrid printing is growing so fast.

Note: Hans also wrote a (free!) whitepaper about hybrid printing. You can download it here to find out if hybrid is the answer for your company.

Webinar 3: Flexo printing
The third webinar is about the latest improvements in flexo printing and how automation of this process can contribute to your printing company in the future:

Webinar 4: Final tips on how to set up a future proof printing process

In the fourth and last Webinar about setting up a future proof printing process, Hans Poortinga gives his final conclusions and best tips about how to set up this process and how you can prepare your printing company for the future: