Tim Klappe to speak about connectivity at Shift_018

Shaping the Future of Print & Packaging with the Internet of Things

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At the Shift_018 conference May 2 and 3 in Bangkok, Tim Klappe (Managing Director of MPS Asia Pacific) will be speaking about Connectivity, the Internet of Things and what this means for the labels and packaging industry.

Organised by Packaging and Print Innovation Asia, Shift_018 is a two-day event bringing together thought leaders and experts from around the world to discuss ‘Shaping the future of print & packaging in Asia’. Shift_018 will deliver the strategies, tools, trends and ideas to transform business in 2018 and beyond.

Tim Klappe about Connectivity and the Internet of Things
One main transformation of business in the label and packaging industry is Connectivity and Industry 4.0. After lunch on Wednesday May 2, Tim Klappe talks about the challenges and opportunities of bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to printing.

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With Klappe’s experience of more than 27 years in the graphics arts industry in the Asia Pacific region, he knows that automation is key. Klappe commented: “ The technology is already there to connect your machines to a MIS (Management Information System) and to other machines and systems. They can communicate with each other and with us, to automate the printing process. This way, connectivity can help the operator reduce mistakes and increase efficiency.”

Make sure you attend Klappe’s keynote at Shift_018!

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