Testimonial: MILK Packaging Factory

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MPS Systems B.V. is a leader in the narrow web printing market with customers around the world who highly appreciate the advanced operator-focused MPS developments and innovations.

Their slogan "Operator Focused, Results Driven" clearly reflects the company's philosophy that the relationship between the operator and the machine is paramount. A printer’s respect and complete understanding of advanced equipment, which gives the operator maximum potential, delivers the best results in the printing process.

MILK and MPS developed an important partnership also based on complete mutual understanding during the negotiations and delivery of a new MPS printing press for a large-scale project - the production of pharma packaging containers according to GMP standards. When Milk Pack officially opened their new clean room facility in Tula, a delegation from MPS attended the inauguration, demonstrating the importance of the partnership.

Opening Milk Pack Clean Room

"MPS uses materials and components that are identical to those used in the space industry and in medical equipment," said Anton Zhukov, Area Sales Manager of MPS in Russia. MPS develops high-precision equipment, but proven easy to operate. The positive synergy during the implementation of this project resulted in a well thought-out and highly productive press. Ogard, the MPS representative in Russia and active in the market for many years, was also involved in the press purchase and installation in Tula.

MPS’ high-end equipment is very popular in Russia, with many machines in different configurations in operation throughout the country. MPS customers know that their investments in MPS deliver a high return.