Russian label printer Evroflex installs their sixth MPS flexo press

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Evroflex, one of the largest and leading label printers in Russia, installed their sixth multi-substrate MPS EF 520 printing press. Launched to work in tandem with a previously installed MPS press in a similar configuration, their new 13-colour press increases overall production capacity and significantly reduces time to produce even the most complex labels for demanding customers.

In autumn of 2018 specialists from Ogard company, the MPS Systems representative in Russia, successfully installed a sixth MPS EF 520 flexo printing press equipped with 13 printing units at Evroflex in Voronezh, Russia.

Evroflex’s  first MPS machine purchased in 2005 was an EF 340. In subsequent years three additional presses were purchased in various configurations, and in 2011 Evroflex installed their fifth MPS press; an EF 520 press with 14 stations. Following the installation of their latest MPS EF 520 machine, Evroflex has expanded label production capacity through interchangeability of their two EF 520 presses.

High-quality labels for demanding customers
Founded in 2001, Evroflex has secured a leading position in the production of high-quality self-adhesive labels for premium spirits, wines, beverages, food, cosmetic and chemical brands. The printing house implements international quality standards and actively applies innovative solutions for label printing and embellishments, including its own unique know-hows.

The multi-substrate MPS EF 520 printing press installed at Evroflex is equipped with the latest MPS innovations to quickly and efficiently print labels and change jobs. Their 13-station press includes Automated Print Control (APC) to automatically set up the printing mode (anilox to plate, plate to substrate).

Various finishing units are also on the press, including screen printing, lamination, cold foiling and die-cutting stations as well as the automatic non-stop rewinding system with automatic core gluing and unloading of finished rolls. In addition, the Job Memory feature saves all the job parameters to quickly restore and save time when setting up similar jobs.

Evroflex Zhaglin Emelin Web

Vitaly Zhaglin, CEO of Evroflex, and Dmitry Emelin, CEO of Ogard - MPS representative in Russia

“We only invest in advanced equipment to meet growing demands of our brand owners in high-quality labels,” said Vitaly Zhaglin, CEO of Evroflex.

 “For many years we have partnered with the largest and well-known Russian liquor and food companies who require exceptional print quality and the best service. Therefore, the capabilities of our equipment must meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.”

Highest quality, trouble-free operations and cost reductions
“Our investment in a sixth press from MPS was certainly a logical choice,” said Dmitry Daev, Chief Technical Officer at Evroflex. “MPS presses provide us with the highest level of quality, trouble-free operations, and cost reductions thanks to their full automation features. Another important point that remains unchanged during the many years of our partnership is service support. In fact, our MPS presses are highly reliable but when we need some assistance, Ogard never lets us down.”

“Evroflex is a company with a rich history, a team of like-minded people and a right example to follow for other printers,” said Dmitry Emelin, CEO of Ogard company. “We are very proud of our longstanding relationship and the fact that MPS presses contribute to their company success. MPS EF presses have earned the highest praise among printers worldwide for its quality, reliability and versatility. We will welcome the next MPS press at Evroflex.”

“In 2011, we were one of the world’s first to install a 14-colour MPS EF 520 press with increased web width and automatic non-stop rewinding,” added Zhaglin. “From an economic point of view, our estimations turned out accurate, as we could print more labels and reduce job running time. However, the load capacity of this press exceeded its critical level, so we needed an additional similar press. Now,  our two interchangeable MPS EF 520 presses fit perfectly into the overall production cycle of our company.”

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