MPS the first to print USA postal stamps on a UV flexo press

High quality postal stamps with the MPS EF 430 and know-how from Imageworx

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On August 7th 2018, MPS Systems North America became the first flexographic inline press manufacturer to print USA postal stamps on a UV flexo press. The featured product is a 3.7” x 5.1” collector’s edition souvenir stamp sheet that displays a real life magical effect. When rotating the stamp up and down, you can see an illusion of a white rabbit quickly rising out of an empty top hat then magically disappearing.

UV flexographic printing was utilized on MPS’ state of the art 17” 10 color EF press to make this application successful.


Dilip Shah, MPS Applications Manager, & Jeff Toepfer of Imageworx commented: “Using the MPS EF 430 multi-substrate demo press at the Green Bay facility and prepress know-how from Imageworx, high quality flexographic postal stamps were printed for the first time. MPS flexo presses are capable of holding extremely tight register and able to print the entire process as one application, from start to finish.”

The stamp features a digitally engineered optical array illusion of the traditional rabbit in the hat magic trick. Imageworx in Levittown, PA was able to transform the original design into an animated multi-frame sequence using their proprietary 3D label design techniques, high resolution imaging technologies, and printing plates.

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