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MPS looks back at a very successful Open House during the Drupa period. Guests were able to visit the MPS factory in Didam, The Netherlands and see live press demonstration during morning or afternoon sessions.

In total MPS welcomed around 200 visitors from over 45 different companies. Three MPS presses were sold during the Open House period and MPS has started fruitful conversations with several other interested companies.

During the Drupa event, MPS opened its doors for converters and showed several different machines. Also a live demonstration was given by MPS top model, the EF with full press setting automation. During the demonstration of MPS’s unique flexo press, four different materials were converted. Three different designs (jobs) with complete different repeat sizes were changed live for the audience. The total demonstration took less then 20 minutes, material waste and set up time was virtually ZERO.

MPS Open House Great Succes 1

Of course the MPS operator used the APC automatic press set up technology which MPS released last year at Labelexpo. Whilst using the Job Memory the press operator’s only focus was the ink level (which can be extremely low) and changing materials.

Next to the automated APC technology, MPS was showing their three different options of inking the anilox roller. First the “normal” way with the use of a metering roller, with a minimum ink content of less then 0.5 litre. A new recirculation system which uses a peristaltic pump to automatically feed the ink into the ink tray. And last but not least, the “lean inking” technology. A proven technology released in 2008. This system is a closed doctor blade system developed by MPS and contains a minimum of ink as low as only 0.2 litre!

MPS Open House Great Succes 2