MPS introduces EFS and EFA flexo press lines

Automated multi-substrate presses to replace former EF series

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MPS has released its next-generation flexo press technologies: the EFS and EFA. Replacing the former EF series, the EFS and EFA set new standards in label production and flexible packaging printing, with the ultimate in flexibility, ease of operation and reliability MPS presses are known for.

“With a beautiful design, new colours and even more operator-friendly innovations, the EFS and EFA flexo presses are the next level that this market demands,” said Atze Bosma, CEO of MPS Systems.

The EFS and EFA are both multi-substrate presses designed precisely for printing of labels and flexible packaging on any material, varying from thin unsupported films, self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and cartonboard up to 450 μm.

 MPS EFS Left Side

EFS - the automated multi-substrate press

EFS: machine automation at a competitive price

A high-quality, highly automated multi-substrate flexo press, the EFS is a well-rounded solution for label production and flexible packaging printing on various substrates.

The EFS enables operators to maximize press performance, thanks to its ease of operation, high productivity and reliability. The high level of automation on the EFS includes the automatic loading of job settings using Job Memory, AutoTeach for quick and automated register settings, and iStop for job changes with minimum waste.

For optimal printing results, the EFS is designed with high quality print sleeves and many MPS innovations as standard, such as iControl, Crisp.Dot, Quick Change Die station. EFS is suitable for the ‘talk to me’ connectivity platform.

MPS EFA Left Side

EFA - the fully automated multi-substrate press

EFA: full automation of all print pressure settings

For the next level in automation, the EFA is the ultimate choice for a top quality, fully automated press.

Operators can maximize press performance with the EFA’s high level of automation, connectivity and ease of operation. Future-proof, technological solutions for the highest productivity are made possible with the EFA, such as the ‘talk to me’ connectivity platform for data exchange, performance monitoring, pre-loading of job settings and remote support.

The EFA press provides servo-controlled pressure settings for the print sleeves and aniloxes at each print station.

“Our EFA is the best option for any printer looking to achieve maximum performance capability from their press,” said Bosma. “With full automation of all print pressure settings and the ergonomic slide-out ink drawer as a standard feature, this press is the ultimate in operator-friendliness. With all options for connectivity, it is the most future-proof solution for a printer’s business.”

New design for complete product gamut

With the introduction of the EFS and EFA press lines the existing press colour scheme is also adjusted. The main part of the of the presses will come a darker anthracite for a sophisticated, high-quality look and feel. The bold new colour design featured in the EFS and EFA presses will be reflected in production builds of the hybrid EF SYMJET, EXL-Packaging and EXL-Offset presses as well.

The hybrid EF SYMJET press, with the name unchanged, is now available with the EFS and EFA platforms.

Orders for the EFS and EFA flexo presses can be placed immediately. For more information, contact MPS or your local representative.


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