MPS' Eric Hoendervangers to speak about connectivity at FPLMA

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During the upcoming Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) Technical Forum, Eric Hoendervangers (Global Marketing & Sales Director of MPS Systems) will speak about the opportunities and challenges of bringing The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 to the printing industry.

Presentatie Connectivity

The Conference
The FPLMA Technical Forum 2018 is a two-day event held this year August 30-31 in Melbourne, Australia. The conference will bring together thought leaders from all over the world to discuss the integration of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. 

Speakers will overview what this data exchange has done for their business and how have they used these new technologies to maximise their business. Also presented is how the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and cognitive computing is helping to create the smart factory.

Hoendervangers commented: “The necessity to connect the label manufacturing production systems including a connection to the company’s MIS is a given. In such a way machine settings are centralized and one can see in real time what’s happening on the printshop floor and what needs optimization. With this level of connectivity, operation parameters and settings are not anymore determined (only) on the shop floor and human errors can be minimized while maximizing operational results.”

Opportunities and challenges with connectivityEric Hoendervangers
With years of experience in the industry, Hoendervangers knows that connectivity is a growing trend that will last, and that implementing automation and data exchange has many benefits, but also challenges. He commented: “The biggest challenge I see is that connectivity, IoT and Big Data require a different mindset, a totally new way of working. Implementing this means starting small, step by step. At the FPLMA I will explain more about what this means for the printing industry.”

Maxteq, the MPS local agent in Australia will also be in attendance and is a bronze sponsor of the event. The FPLMA Technical Forum takes place at Crown Promenade 8 Whiteman St Southbank 3006, Melbourne Australia.