MPS at WOTS: How a different mindset creates new business opportunities

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At the upcoming World of Technology & Science (WoTS) event, MPS after sales manager Marc-Jan Goossink will share his vision about the potential for manufacturers in creating new business models with a different mindset, that involves the Internet of Things, Big Data and optimising the workflow.

A totally different mindsetMarc -jan
Goossink explains: “Instead of purchasing a press for your label printing company, what about having access to an MPS press at your disposal where you only pay per printed label or per use? Advantages are not having to invest in a machine and worry about ongoing maintenance. You just pay for uptime use on the press.

“It’s a totally different mindset. In my vision, a press manufacturer doesn’t just sell a machine with additional service. They sell a valuable service in providing a press for on-demand use.”

Reliable revenue model with Big data
Predictable maintenance, safety, time savings, personnel and other factors play a role in the productivity and revenue model. By producing innovative machines that are more and more sensor driven, Big Data and connectivity help in creating a reliable revenue model. “We can use the available data from the press to analyze maintenance costs, when maintenance is needed and how the needs of the market evolve,” adds Goossink. “That way, we can guarantee press performance and sell profitable uptime for as needed label printing.”

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On Thursday October 4 (11:00-11:30) at the WoTS, Goossink will further explain how to create revenue models with this transition, how connectivity adds value to machines, what IoT & Industry 4.0 means in this industry for optimizing the workflow, and where the opportunities lie ahead.

About WoTS
WoTS (World of Technology & Science) is a 4-day event taking place 2 – 5 October in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event consists of five generic titles: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Motion & Drives, World of Electronics and Industrial Processing.