How EXL offset changes offset printing

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With the launch of the EXL offset press, press builder MPS has made a distinctive change in today’s world of offset printing. The new web offset press contains the newest variable sleeve technology.

Forget the use of ordinarily repeat cassettes or special sleeves with bearer rings. With variable sleeves MPS has succeeded in significantly reducing the waste factor as well as the initial investment in offset printing.

How EXL Offset Changes Offset Printing

Why using offset for packaging and/or label printing?
Offset printing technology offers high efficiencies in pre-press and print form manufacturing, which results in all over lead-time reduction. International companies and brand owners are increasingly working towards standardised processes using the offset printing process. The offset process has been standardised over many years and is incredibly accurate for repeat jobs. An important advantage of offset technology is the relatively low costs for the production of plates. The combination of very fine tones in application with solids, texts and fine lines, gives offset a very prominent position in terms of quality. A further benefit of using offset technology is the fact that screen-count can become much narrower, 200 screen lines per inch are not exceptional for offset, neither is the even finer FM-screening. These technology characteristics can become decisive in the highly competitive packaging print market.

What keeps companies from choosing for offset?
There are several reasons why printers are reluctant to choose the offset process although in terms of quality they would much prefer the quality of print that offset offers. The reasons that printers do not choose offset are high investment, time consumption, waste and operator skills. Especially when starting a new job or using different material in offset can mean set up waste and time consumption in order to get to the correct print  settings.

How MPS’s EXL offset can make a difference in offset printing?
1) Low cost variable sleeve technology  
The new MPS press is an automated offset combination press using sleeves for the plate and blanket carrier. The automated print pressure settings and controls allow the printers to make use of "normal" sleeve technology. There is no longer a need for special support bearer rings or any other mechanical support! The variable sleeves are much cheaper in use and do not need readjustments during the production run.

2) Full automation of the press  
The EXL offset is MPS’s latest press generation in future-oriented packaging printing, running completely automated. Ink keys are controlled by a ductor roller which refers to stored data like timing and tack of the ink. Form rollers are automatically maintained in pressure position. All pressure, ink, and water balance settings are servo driven and easily be uploaded out of job memory. In MPS’s job memory not only print settings are saved, also material calibration is applied, which means that all stored settings can be loaded for each different material used!  

3) Waste reduction  
a. In time: The substrate waste saving character of the EXL lies in the variability of plate and blanket sleeve. Changing repeat lengths is convenient as the printer is assisted by full setting-automation, which guarantees a correct and efficient change-over procedure.  
b. In material: As all settings are saved into job memory, the printer can start a job by simply uploading the right print and material settings and there is no need of running and adjusting! Imagine your waste savings!   

More details on EXL offset
Obviously the EXL’s offset combination press can be equipped with additional printing technologies like flexo, screen or gravure units and all necessary converting techniques. Hot and cold foil units can be placed in such a way that they do not tie up an offset print unit!  The EXL offset is available at 16” and 20” web widths and comes with a speed of 200 meters a minute as a standard. With repeat sizes ranging from 18-25”, the EXL offset can be used for all kinds of applications in the label printing industry.

To sum up, the new EXL offset press assembles all favourable offset characteristics together in one state-of-the-art piece of technology with exceptional low costs per 1,000 labels.

Surprising EXL offset performances by its new user:

Testimonial Mr Aleithe, Firma Aleithe:
We always had the wish to print next to flexo in offset. When we first heard about the unique concept of MPS’s sleeve technology we decided to wait for the launch of the new press. In April 2011 we could run our first orders on the brand new EXL offset press. Within one day already our printer was able to print independently on the press and MPS’s printer only needed to assist. All unique features were applied immediately and we were very enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of the machine and the minimum quantity of waste we accomplish.