Efficiency in shorter label runs results in two more MPS EB flexo presses for Pechatniy Mir

The Ukrainian printer set to expand market segments and printing of intricate label designs

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ARNHEM, The Netherlands (May 4, 2017) – MPS confirms the sale of two additional presses to Ukrainian printer Pechatniy Mir (Print World). Purchased were 9 and 10-colour, 370mm MPS EB label solution presses, and marks the second and third MPS EB press for the Zaporozhye-based company. All three EB presses sales were led through the local MPS agent Polygraph Partner, with the first press purchased at Labelexpo 2015.

 2 Volodymyr Khyzniak Aleksey Yakovlev Polygraph Partner MPS Agent Ruslan Filobok Ernest Rozhnov Konstantyn AbrashynVolodymyr Khyzniak, Aleksey Yakovlev (Polygraph Partner, MPS agent), Ruslan Filobok, Ernest Rozhnov, Konstantyn Abrashy

A fast-growing printing house in the East of Ukraine, and unique in being the only Ukraine printer to offer both offset and flexo printing, Pechatniy Mir specializes in label printing for food, beverage and household labels. In recent years, the company has experienced an increased demand for wine and spirits labels, a market segment which influenced the investment of two additional EB presses to expand capacity, in addition to the ability of printing intricate labels on shorter runs. The 10 colour press will be equipped with the innovative MPS cross-over unit for easier production of multi-layer labels.

Ruslan Filibok, owner of Pechatniy Mir explains the choice again for MPS: “We are extremely satisfied with the results delivered by our first MPS EB press. The productivity is outstanding, and even on the shorter runs we are able to achieve maximum results and switch between runs with ease, thanks to the press’ built-in capability to provide fast job change-overs.”

1 Ernest Rozhnov Anton Zhukov MPS Konstantyn Abrashyn Volodymyr Khyzniak Ruslan Filobok Aleksey Yakovlev Polygraph Partner MPS Agent Ernest Rozhnov, Anton Zhukov (MPS), Konstantyn Abrashyn, Volodymyr Khyzniak, Ruslan Filobok, Aleksey Yakovlev (Polygraph Partner, MPS agent)

At Pechatniy Mir, printing presses are running 24 hours a day, which sets a high demand on both the machine and operators. Anton Zhukov, MPS Area Sales Manager for this region, explains the inspiration behind the MPS philosophy Operator Focused, Results Driven: “We are convinced that a happy, well-trained operator is motivated to generate maximum results from a printing press. Therefore, our designs are made through the eyes of an operator, with intuitive, ergonomic, and easy operation. Press operators at Pechatniy Mir quickly learned how to operate their initial EB press and proved its highest performance capability, resulting in the follow-on purchase of two additional presses.”

About the EB label solution press
The EB flexo press, introduced in 2014, features the well-known solid MPS machine construction with self-evident predictable and reliable print quality, high productivity and user-friendly press operation. The EB press features Crisp.Dot Light technology, specially designed for the EB, featuring no gear connection between the impression cylinder and print cylinder; as a result, substrate thickness and print cylinder pressure settings are not affected by gear profiles. Crisp. Dot Light guarantees predictable high-quality label printing, including the printing of vignettes and solids. The EB also features iSet Technology for intelligent pressure settings and iStop Technology for zero waste at roll changes.

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