Talk to me - the next step in connectivity

In the printing industry as well as anywhere else in modern business, connectivity continues to develop into a factor by which future success is measured. That is why MPS developed an innovative means of promoting the exchange of information between MPS printing presses and its surroundings. MPS presses can now be linked to pre-press and post-press systems as well as to ERP or Management Information Systems (MIS). Labelled talk to me, this MPS innovation is essentially a protocol that allows for real-time data exchange − hence, control − at any given moment.

Connecting the printing press with MIS 

We developed a new protocol for exchanging data between Management Information Systems and MPS printing presses. By constantly being able to communicate with the printing press operators will optimize their performance and, in the process, enjoy increased job satisfaction.

Talk to me provides “anytime, anywhere” functionality

MPS Customer Mr Matt Evers - Meyers, Minneapolis MN, USA

"Our hybrid press makes the impossible, possible."