APC-Print settings

Automated print settings

APC (Automated Print Control) in print settings provides an automated servo control of the relevant press settings. These press settings include:

  • Print sleeve; double positioning servo technology
  • Gap Control (material thickness); double positioning servo technology 

 MPS Control Panel Icontrol

The advantages of APC provide a range of press capabilities:

1. Automated loading of print settings

All print settings can be stored and retrieved from job memory. Thanks to APC, print settings can also be automatically uploaded for:

  • Initial jobs: print settings are uploaded out of the press calibration database. 
  • Repeat jobs: previous uploaded print settings are stored in job memory. With a repeat job, the different print settings can be automatically loaded.

Set-up waste for both initial and repeat jobs are decreased dramatically. This makes APC a real must for today’s printing presses.

2. Customized calibration

Servo motors need to be set to a starting point, called the calibration point. APC offers pressroom managers the unique possibility to calibrate the press themselves, resulting in a perfect match to the desired working protocol. 

3. Improved print quality: Dynamic Print Control (DPC)

With APC, the well known Crisp.Dot flexo printing quality of MPS presses is even more improved. With the extreme accurate servo positioning motors, press operators report a further increase of print quality at all print speeds.