Quick-Change Die unit

Quick-Change is MPS's new generation die-cut unit, which enables the press operator to quickly change the die-cylinders by opening and closing the system without the need for lifting bridges. With the Quick-Change die loading technology, die jobs can be prepared in advance. In a matter of minutes a die-cutting job can be changed on a ergonomic way. The new die unit offers a practical solution, which ensures a smooth production process. Optionally the new die-cut unit can be offered with an integrated crane and tooling storage table.

The MPS Quick-Change die unit provides:

  • Fast and user-friendly die-opening construction
  • Ergonomic construction for the operator
  • Off-line set up and preparation of die cylinder and/or die plates

EF430 Plate Stans


MPS Customer Mr Dave Harris, Technical Director, JR Cole USA

'When I saw the MPS EP model press for the first time, I thought it was the most exciting machine I'd ever seen,' Harris says. 'It's servo driven, has tension and register control, and you can slide a flexo unit out and slide a screen unit in, in a matter of minutes. That's what got us going..........'