Closed Loop Laminator Unit

Lamination unit for laminating thin films onto mono foils

The MPS Closed Loop Laminator is a lamination unit on rail especially designed to laminate very thin films varying from 10-12 µm. These foils are often used in the food industry, for example, in packaging of biscuits or candy.

Converting multiple thin foils with different web tensions can be challenging, as the various tensions can cause curling when laminating layers of foils. Thanks to the MPS Closed Loop Laminator, web tensions are measured and controlled through servo motors to ensure the right tension between the foils. This leads to a streamlined production process.

To print smaller badge sizes, the Closed Loop Laminator is an advantageous alternative for wide web printers. The unit can be installed stationary or flexibly on a rail and is operator-friendly with easy set-up settings.

Furthermore, the Closed Loop Laminator unit can also be used as a regular laminating unit and/or for the application of cold-foil and more.

Close Loop On Rail