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The MPS EXL-Packaging press delivers wider and faster flexo printing without limits. Flexible packaging printing and converting with the use of an inline press is more economical then ever. With the EXL-Packaging press, extremely fast change-over times and remarkably short set-up waste guarantee optimal and productive printing and converting.


Combined UV, Hot Air and LED Drying technology  


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The EXL Packaging press can be equipped with UV, hot-air and LED drying technology, allowing users to print on a very large variety of substrates including thin film, paper, cartonboard, shrink sleeves, inmould, lamitube and flexible packaging.


Automated Press Controls

  MPS Exlp 660 Icontrol

In order to drive down the cost per 1,000 labels, MPS introduced Automated Print Control (APC) which provides automated servo control of all relevant press settings. Thanks to APC, press settings and controls are extremely easy to operate and replicate through job memory, resulting in virtually no set-up waste for repeat jobs. 


Auto Lean Inking


MPS Exlp 660 Print Units


Auto Lean Inking technology by MPS enables circulatory ink filling from an external tank placed on the service side of the printing unit. Ink is automatically added from this tank to the ink trays and any excess ink freely flows back into the tank. This innovative technology eliminates ink spitting or misting even at very high printing speeds. It also provides low ink make ready, very quick ink colour changes, and extremely quick wash-up. 


EXL-Packaging Specifications


Material width  530-580-680 mm = 21-22,7-26,6 inch
Printing width 520-570-670 mm = 20,5-22-26 inch
Repeat size

12-32 inch

Mechanical speed 300 m/min = 1000ft/min
Substrates 12-450 μm
-Print sleeves Standard
-Print gap Standard
Job memory Extended
Lateral register Motorized
iStop Standard
Metric print Standard
NPC Standard


Standard = standard

Optional = optional





Flexibility of the EXL-packaging is extensive; it is suitable for printing with UV, water based and solvent based inks. The EXL-packaging is a flexo press, but different printing and converting units can be integrated as well. Examples include screen, gravure, laminating, hot foil and cold foil units.

For options and details, please check the pages Innovation.

EXL Packaging video




Click on the video above to see the functionality of the EXL-Packaging.

The MPS EXL-packaging (EXLp) flexo printing press with a dedicated print-sleeve construction using multiple air mandrels instantly. The printing pressures are automatic and the inking is done using the Lean Inking technology.

MPS Customer Mr Wolfgang Ober, Production Manager, Rolf Ritter GmbH, Rako group:

'The MPS printing presses with their technical equipment enable not only significantly faster tooling, they also result in noticeably fewer spoils and above all provide a better print result. The user-friendliness makes a significant contribution to overall production safety.'