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The Offset Combination Press




The revolutionary EXL-offset press, with offset sleeve combination printing, is the most versatile press available in the market. It offers variable sleeves for different repeat lengths, for both plates and blankets, and is easy to operate.

All inking and press settings of the EXL-offset machine are effectively automated with the innovative APC (Automated Print Control) technology from MPS.

The MPS EXL-offset press is a true innovation providing reliable quality and productivity that delivers high quality labels and packaging jobs very effectively, even in smaller print runs.

An important advantage of offset technology is the relatively low costs for the production of plates. The combination of very fine tones in application with solids, texts and fine lines, gives offset a very prominent position in terms of quality. A further benefit of using offset technology is the fact that screen-count can become much narrower, 200 screen lines per inch are not exceptional for offset, neither is the even finer FM-screening. These technology characteristics can become decisive in the highly competitive packaging print market.

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Automated Press Controls


 MPS Main Control Panel

The EXL offset is a future-oriented packaging printing press, running completely automated. Ink keys are controlled by a ductor roller which refers to stored data like timing and tack of the ink. Form rollers are automatically maintained in pressure position. All pressure, ink, and water balance settings are servo driven and easily be uploaded out of job memory. In MPS’s job memory not only print settings are saved, also material calibration is applied, which means that all stored settings can be loaded for each different material used.


Variable Sleeve Technology 

MPS Exlo 410 Print Units With Sleeves



MPS EXL Offset press uses sleeve technology with variable repeats. No more need for repeat cassettes or special sleeves with bearer rings. Available are normal sleeves for both plate and blanket. With variable sleeves MPS has succeeded in significantly reducing the waste factor as well as the initial investment in offset printing.


Optional gravure, screen and flexo printing units on rail

MPS EXL O Flexo On Rail

Optional flexo station on rail

The EXL’s offset combination press can be equipped with additional printing technologies like flexo, screen or gravure units and all necessary converting techniques. Flexo units are also available at the converting rail for flexible positioning. Hot and cold foil units can be placed in such a way that they do not tie up an offset print unit.


EXL-Offset Specifications


Material width  430-530 mm = 17-21 inch
Printing width 420-520 mm = 16,5-20,5 inch
Repeat size sleeves

 18-25 inch


15-450 µm

-Print sleeves Standard
-Print gap Standard
Form rollers Automated
Ductor rollers   Automated
Ink keys Automated
Auto wash Standard
Metric print Standard
Ultra-flex rail system Standard
Chill-drum Standard


Standard = standard

Optional = optional





The EXL-offset press can be equipped with various flexo, gravure and screen units, in addition to flexo units on rail. Multiple converting units such as hot/cold foil, delam/relam, die-cutting and laminating can also be installed. A gravure unit enables the customer to dry solvent-based inks with the use of hot air. The EXL-offset is suitable for both short and long-run printing and converting jobs. 

For options and details, please check the pages Innovation.

How EXL Offset Changes Offset Printing




Click on the video above to see the functionality of the EXL-Offset Press.

MPS Customer Mr. Aleithe, CEO Aleithe:

'Within one day after the initial print runs, our operator was already able to print independently on the new EXL-variable sleeve offset press, with minimal assistance from the MPS operator. All unique features were immediately visible and we were very impressed with the user-friendliness of the machine and the minimum quantity of waste.'