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The Fully Automated Multi-substrate Press



The EFA is a top quality, fully automated multi-substrate flexo press, especially designed for label production and flexible packaging printing on various substrates. Providing the ultimate in flexibility and automation, the EFA enables operators to maximize press performance, thanks to its high level of automation, connectivity and ease of operation.

Future-proof, technological solutions for the highest productivity are made possible with the EFA, such as the ‘talk to me’ connectivity platform for data exchange, performance monitoring, pre-loading of job settings and remote support.

The EFA press provides servo-controlled pressure settings for the print sleeve at each print station. For the next level of automation, the EFA+ package can be added for full servo driven automation of all print pressure settings.


The EFA press can be equipped with multiple drying systems, including LED



  • Excellent print quality
  • High productivity
  • Suitable for multiple substrates
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible converting
  • Flexibility in automation
  • Lowest cost price per 1000 labels
  • High repeatability with automated pressure settings

The EFA press is well-suited for various
markets, including:

  • Labels for household, personal care, food, beverage
  • Security and pharmaceutical labels
  • Labels for automotive and retail
  • Flexible packaging
  • Lami tube & shrink sleeves
  • And more


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MPS Icontrol

The intuitive iControl is standard on the EFA press

MPS EFA Slide Out Ink Drawer

The ergonomic slide-out ink drawer is a standard feature of the EFA press 


EFA Specifications


Material width  340/430/530 mm = 
Printing width 330/420/520 mm =
Mechanical machine speed 200 m/min = 
650 ft/min
Substrates 15 - 450 μm
0,6 - 18 P
Crisp.Dot Standard
Centralized main control panel Standard
Machine controls at every print station Standard
Job Memory Standard
AutoTeach Standard
Non-stop print change Standard
iStop Standard
Quick Change Die station Standard
iStrip matrix rewinding Standard
Talk to me connectivity Standard
Slide-out ink drawer


Standard = standard

Optional = optional


MPS EFS EFA Automated Quick Change Die

The EFA press can be equipped with the Automated Quick Change Die station


Flexible converting


In addition to converting applications, MPS offers unique solutions for the production of multi-layer labels, such as the cross-over unit and multi-web application.

MPS Cross Over Unit

The cross-over unit for multi-layer label production

Converting units can be implemented at any location along the press using the Ultraflex rail system. With an ergonomic design, the rail units (including foiling, web turner bar,
screen printing, etc.) are easy to move, to quickly change positioning at different print stations.

The ergonomic slide-out ink drawer is a standard feature of the EFA press.

MPS EFA Slide Out Ink Drawer

The ergonomic slide-out ink drawer is a standard feature of the EFA press


For options and details, please check the page Innovation.  



MPS Customer Dmitry Daev, Evroflex, Russia:

“MPS presses provide us with the highest level of quality, trouble-free operations, and cost reductions thanks to their full automation features."