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The MPS EF  press is a high-quality and highly automated multi-substrate flexo press, especially designed for label production and flexible packaging printing. The EF provides the ultimate in flexibility and enables operators to maximise press performance, thanks to its ease of operation and reliability.

The press features UV, hot-air and LED drying technology, allowing users to print on a wide variety of substrates including thin film, paper, cartonboard, shrink sleeves, inmould, lamitube and flexible packaging. EF can be executed with new future-proof technological solutions for the highest productivity, such as a fully automated Quick Change Die unit, developed with Kocher & Beck, a hybrid UV/LED drying system and a system for fully automated processing of pressure settings. The EF offers a choice of either plate rolls or print sleeves. This printing machine has all the features to deliver the highest possible productivity.

Additionally, the EF comes with a fresh and  modern look and is easy in its use. The operator menu, buttons and icons have been designed in a way that is user-friendly and easy to understand, navigate and control. Also the main press operator control panel and touch screens are large and user-friendly designed.

Next to 'standard integrated’ machine automation, the EF offers an automation package for further extended (additional) print automation: the APC Package. This package can be configured for the ultimate in print setting control to further increase productivity of the EF press.


Flexible converting on rail


MPS EF 410 Converting Rail

With Crisp.Dot technology, the use of a rubber-coated counter-pressure roller exerts more equal pressure resulting in minimal dot gain, and due to use of friction, the roller does not cause any dot stretching or streaking. As a result, the print dot retains its round shape, ink coverage is solid and small fonts are sharper. This enables printing of the most demanding quality labels, flexible packaging and carton board. 


Automation including Job Memory


MPS Control Panel Icontrol

MPS developed Automated Print Control (APC) which provides automated servo control of all relevant press settings. Thanks to APC, press settings and controls are extremely easy to operate and replicate through job memory, resulting in virtually no set-up waste for initial and repeat jobs. The EF press contains more automation on various print settings to increase your productivity even further. 


Hybrid UV/LED Drying system


01 The Next Generation MPS Flexo Press EF Neo

MPS prepares its printing presses for the future of LED with the integration of the new GEW hybrid LED UV system. With this combination, the MPS press will run at high speed using less energy, for the same running capacity. Due to the high intensity of UVA illumination with LED, heavy ink layers are cured more consistently with improved adhesion.


EF Specifications


Material width  340-430-530 mm =13,5-17-21 inch
Printing width 330 - 420 - 520 mm = 13 - 16,5 - 20,5 inch
Repeat size

Print sleeves: 10-25 inch, Plate rolls: 6-24 inch

Mechanical machine speed 200 m/min = 650 ft/min
Substrates 15 - 450 µm
Crisp.Dot Standard
Job Memory Standard
iStop Standard
Servo drive & control  Standard
Full length rail system Standard
Pre-register Standard
Quick change tooling Standard
Quick-change die station Standard
iStrip matrix rewinding Standard
iControl Standard
Short web Standard
APC Package Optional


Standard = standard

Optional = optional





The EF can convert a vast variety of differents substrates and designs and is equipped with all possible converting options, including gravure and screen. The combination of excellent quality, high productivity and unmatched flexibility of this printing system guarantees the investment will prove its value.

MPS offers several automation and control sytems that can extend the possibilities and enhance the productivity of your EF press even further. 

Separate converting units can be added for solutions such as cross-over multi-layers labels and different laminating solutions like cold foil. Several rail units are also available, such as the web turner bar and delam/relam module, which can be flexibly positioned on a rail.

For options and details, please check the pages Innovation.  

EF video




Click on the video here above to see the functionality of EF Press.

MPS Customer Dr.Ulrich-Horn, Securikett, Austria:

'MPS production lines are among the few machines available on the market that can work with multiple web throughputs in perfect register while handling several different printing processes, with very little set-up waste'.