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The Hybrid Printing Solution




The EF SYMJET press is a hybrid flexo inkjet solution that gives converters a range of new print potential with the symbiotic combination of conventional - and digital printing technologies. The EF SYMJET flexo press is built with the standard MPS EF platform and an integrated Domino digital N610i inkjet printer. With a Domino digital inkjet unit integrated on the EFS or EFA flexo platform, you get the best of both worlds together in a future-proof solution. The established flexo press and proven digital system can be combined and used integrated in-line or separately to work offline.

This hybrid solution combines the best of conventional solutions, digital technology and operator focus that MPS is known for.

MPS partnered with industry-leading brands to develop several new technology add-ons and solutions for its new hybrid press.

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Integrated Domino Digital Inkjet Unit


MPS EF SYMJET Digital Engine

The Domino digital unit uses Kyocera print heads to print a resolution of 600x600 dpi, with up to six colours and opaque white. With a 340mm web width on the Domino printer and wider web width of 430mm on the MPS press, this allows converters to run more labels across when running in pure flexo mode, and at a higher speed.


Automated Quick Change Die


MPS EFS EFA Automated Quick Change Die

The fully automated Quick-Change die unit for faster job changeovers is developed in cooperation with Kocher & Beck. There is no need to stop the press to change the die-cylinder, as the new die-station is equipped with two slots. The change-over is completed through an automatic switch of the impression roller to the vacant slot. With this feature, die-cutting jobs can be prepared during production, and with additional MPS automation packages the die-settings can be recalled out of job memory for even faster job changeovers. 


Integrated Workflow


Workflow 2  

MPS has developed an advanced workflow integration with solutions from Labeltraxx and AVT. Label and packaging printers will enjoy efficiency benefits from the communication between the Labeltraxx MIS/ERP module and AVT 100% inspection system. It can also be combined with the integrated job memory system of the press and optionally even a two-way communication is possible.

Resulting data from this combined workflow is captured in reports, providing the necessary corrections that can automatically be implemented in live running production, such as changes required in substrate, printing plates, inks etc.

Free Whitepaper

Want to know if hybrid printing is the answer for your company? Download the free whitepaper here

This whitepaper contains valuable information about:

- Common challenges for label printers
- The difference between conventional, digital and hybrid printing
- The benefits of hybrid printing
- What experts say about hybrid printing
- When hybrid is the best solution for you
- MPS’ hybrid solution.

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EF SYMJET Specifications


Printing technology Flexo + Inkjet 
Inkjet technology Piezo Drop on Demand
Ink heads Kyocera
Inkjet resolution 600x600 dpi
Material width  340/430 mm = 13.5/17 inch
Printing width 330/420 mm = 13/16.5 inch
Repeat size

10-25 inch sleeves

Mechanical machine speed hybrid mode 75 m/min = 245 ft/min
Mechanical machine speed flexo mode 200 m/min = 650 ft/min
Substrates 20-200 µm
Crisp.Dot Standard
Centralized main control panel Standard
Machine controls at every print station Standard
Job Memory Standard
AutoTeach Standard
Non-stop print change   Optional*
iStop Standard
Quick Change Die station Standard
Automated Quick Change Die station Optional
Talk to me Optional
Slide-out ink drawer   Optional*
i-Tech Stitchlink Standard
i-Tech Cleancap Standard
i-Tech Actiflow Standard
Digital Front End Standard


Standard = standard

Optional = optional

 * Only available with EFA platform (standard). Not available with EFS platform.




The EF SYMJET can convert a vast variety of differents substrates and designs and is equipped with all possible converting options, including gravure and screen. The combination of excellent quality, high productivity and unmatched flexibility of this printing system guarantees the investment will prove its value.

MPS offers several automation and control sytems that can extend the possibilities and enhance the productivity of your EFS or EFA press even further. 

MPS Cold Foil Unit


The EF SYMJET press can be equipped with a cold foil unit on rail

Separate converting units can be added for solutions such as cross-over multi-layers labels and different laminating solutions like cold foil. Several rail units are also available, such as the web turner bar and delam/relam module, which can be flexibly positioned on a rail.

For options and details, please check the pages Innovation.  

MPS EF SYMJET Left Side Website



Click on the video here above to see the functionality of the EF SYMJET hybrid press.

MPS Customer Matt Evers – Meyers, Minneapolis MN, USA

“Our hybrid press makes the impossible, possible.”