EF Multi-Substrate Press Line

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DIDAM, The Netherlands (May 23rd, 2013) – MPS today announced its broadened EF multi-substrate press line which is now available in three different versions to accommodate market demand and offer a solution for unique application requirements.

With different demands for press solutions ranging from cost-efficient to advanced, fully-automated machinery, and respecting changing market demands, the new EF press offering will serve all segments of the label, flexible packaging and converting markets.

The standard EF press offers an automation package including Job Memory. From this standard configuration, two additional automation packages for the ultimate in print setting control can be configured to further increase the productivity of the EF press. The following three versions of the MPS EF multi-substrate press are now available:

1) EF  
2) EF-APC  
3) EF-APC Advanced

Built with unique MPS innovations including iControl, Crisp.Dot, Gearless Tooling, Short Web, Multi Drive and Job Memory, the standard EF provides a lower-cost solution with considerable automation capability. Job Memory memorizes all machine settings used for a specific job and with the user-friendly iControl system the press is easily controlled by the press operator.

From the standard EF design, the EF-APC version is enhanced with automation on the print sleeve settings. With the use of servo positioning technology, the print sleeves are loaded automatically on the print unit, while the APC (Automatic Print Control) option automatically sets the desired print pressure settings. The EF-APC version is also built with slide-out ink drawers and Dynamic Print Control to guarantee flawless and consistent print quality at all press speeds.

For further automation, the EF-APC Advanced version includes the EF-APC features in addition to Automatic Print Control on the print gap (substrate related). For initial jobs, material calibration memory is uploaded and recalled for repeat jobs. Print positional settings for plate sleeves and anilox rolls can also be stored and recalled. All desired print settings are achieved within seconds and waste quota is virtually negligible.

Eric Hoendervangers, MPS Commercial Director commented: ‘“Our motto is ‘Technology with Respect’. With over 1,300 print units sold, the EF multi-substrate press is the most popular of the MPS press family. During its 15 years of existence the EF has continuously evolved in terms of press design, performance and press operation. For this next generation, we listened to feedback from our existing customers and thoroughly studied new markets. The solution we established moving forward enables our customers to choose the EF press version and configuration which best suits their market requirements without compromising reliability and print quality expected from an MPS press.”

The EF press can convert a vast variety of different substrates and designs and is equipped with all possible converting options, including gravure and screen. The combination of excellent quality, high productivity and unmatched flexibility of this printing system guarantees the investment will prove its value.

MPS made the decision to widen its EF offering to serve a range of press requirements after a thorough market study. MPS’s absolute focus will be specific niches in the Label, Flexible Packaging and Converting Market. Going forward, MPS will not only serve the high-end market but also offer the industry more affordable press solutions, without compromising reliability and print quality expected from an MPS press.

In conclusion: next to “standard” machine automation with Job Memory, the new EF multi-substrate press has two options for print automation with APC!